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The Registrar

The Registrar's Department of the Nursing and Midwifery Council plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the operations of the council. The department is responsible for a range of important functions that contribute to the effective functioning and regulation of nursing and midwifery in the country.

The Registrar's Duties

The main functions of the Registrar's Department

Directing and Supervising Secretariat Functions

The Registrar, as the head of the department, provides leadership and guidance to the secretariat staff, ensuring smooth operations and efficient implementation of council activities.

Servicing Disciplinary, Executive, and Council Committees

The Registrar’s Office provides administrative support and services to various committees established by the council, such as disciplinary committees, executive committees, and the council itself. This involves coordinating meetings, preparing agendas, taking minutes, and ensuring the proper functioning of these committees.

Facilitating Policy Formulation

The Registrar’s Department actively participates in the formulation and development of policies and regulations related to nursing and midwifery. They work closely with the council and other stakeholders to ensure that policies align with national healthcare goals, professional standards, and legal requirements.

Building Financial Base and Relationships with Donor Agencies

The department plays a crucial role in securing financial resources for the council. This involves seeking funding opportunities, establishing relationships with donor agencies and international health organizations, and developing partnerships to support the council’s initiatives and programs.

Communication with the Minister of Health

The Registrar, in collaboration with the council, serves as a key point of communication with the Minister of Health. They provide regular updates, reports, and information related to the nursing and midwifery sector, including matters of importance, policy recommendations, and updates on regulatory activities.

Budget Development and Submission

The Registrar’s Department takes a leading role in the management team to develop and submit the annual budgets for the council. They work closely with other departments and stakeholders to ensure that financial plans are aligned with the council’s strategic objectives, operational needs, and regulatory responsibilities.

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