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Table of Contents

Procedure for renewal of registration with the council

Renewal of registration is a process where nursing and midwifery personnel renews his/her licence to practice by paying a fee at the current prevailing rate for the following year during any time of the current year up to 31st December with the grace period from 1st January to 31st march of the following year.

All nursing and midwifery personnel are expected to maintain their registration status with the council through payment of fees once every year . This is legal requirement as outlined in the Nurses and Midwives Act no. 16 of 1995 section 30.

Payment of fees could either be in person, by post or through the bank.

Where one is paying fees in person, she/he will get to the cashier’s office; identify her/him with full names, address and registration numbers.
Where a practitioner has brought a receipt, a card is retrieved to verify name, address and registration status.
The card and money are given to the cashier for receipting. Address or name is changed where indicated. A receipt is given to the owner.
Where renewal fee is paid by:
4.1 Post – a receipt from the post office is recorded in the post office register book in the registration and investigation department. The secretary stamps and signs the receipt for collection of money at the post office.

4.1.1 The secretary records the received amount in the remittance book indicating

: Date of receipt
: Receipt number
: Amount
: Name of sender
: Signature of secretary
: Signature of receiver from accounts

4.2 Through the nurse manager, often the fees will be for a group of nursing and midwifery personnel for a particular facility.

4.2.1 The receiving cashier verifies with the one who has brought the money and list on

: Amount
: Names
: Registration numbers
4.2.2 The receiving cashier then ensures that a receipt is given to the person who has brought the money.

4.2.3 where a list has been submitted through a council member, when receipts have been written , they should be counter checked by the particular officer before posting .

4.3 Through the Nurses and Midwives council bank account:

4.3.1 Before depositing the money in the account, the sender is advised on:

: Branch where account is held
: Account number
: Submitting a receipt used for processing the deposit on which he/she should indicate
: Address
: Full Name
: Registration number(s)
: Purpose for the money of Registration with council

The registrar through the registration officer shall maintain and update registration status of all the nursing and midwifery personnel in accordance with the Nurses and Midwives Act.
The registrar through the registration officer shall ensure that :
2.1 All the nursing and midwifery personnel who have paid their registration fees for renewal in person or by post are issued with a receipt as stipulated in the procedure and the money accounted for.

2.2 The registration card and the electronic register of nursing and midwifery personnel who have renewed their registration are updated accordingly.

Procedure for registration of nursing and midwifery trained abroad

1. Any nursing and midwifery personnel who wish to work or study in Malawi, is requested to apply in writing to the registrar for registration.

2. Upon receipt of application, the Registrar will give forms 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D. The Registrar will request the applicant to complete form 1A and will request him/her to forward the other forms as follows:-

Form B to training institution where one trained in general nursing
Form C to training institution where one trained in midwifery.
Form D to the Regulatory body in the country of origin.
Where regulatory functions are under institutions other than regulatory body, the applicant may request such institution to complete form 1D.

3. The applicant is informed to submit form 1A directly to the registrar whilst other forms are submitted by the relevant authorities directly to the registrar to maintain the professional confidentiality and safeguard authenticity of the documents.

4. The applicant’s attention is drawn to a requirement on need to obtain a work permit before orientation is organized by the council.

5. The applicant is requested to attend the personal interviews arranged in liaison with the registration officer on schedule once a week on Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

6. The following documents are assessed for authenticity;

Letters of reference
Transcripts and Validations (in sealed envelopes)
7. Where transcripts are not available, the applicant is given a set of forms, some of which should be sent to appropriate institution. a file is then opened for each applicant.

Procedure for handling deceased nursing and midwifery personnel

A deceased nursing and midwifery personnel is any trained nursing and midwifery personnel who has died regardless of career taken after training. The registrar through registration officer updates the cardex in red ink with the following information:- Died on a particular date on both sides of a card. Updates are also made against the name of this person indicating “deceased status” in the electronic Nursing register. The Registration officer replies the letter acknowledging receipt of the letter where it was reported formally. The name, address where person was working at the time of death, registration numbers and the date of death are published in the media for the public to know. The card is placed in a box that has cards of other nursing midwifery personnel who have also died while the file will be placed in a cabinet where registration officer ensures they are moved to archives every month end.
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