The NMCM aims to support the development of best practice in nursing and midwifery care in Malawi. On this page you will find useful links to other organizations, research and evaluation reports and journals to support this aim.

Book of the Month

The State of the World's Midwifery

UNFPA 2014

The State of the World's Midwifery 2014 includes a specific chapter on Malawi. The book is a key tool in supporting national, regional and international policy dialogue on sexual, reproductive, mental and new-born health. It provides detailed analysis of the present progress and future challenges to deliver effective coverage of midwifery services, with specific attention to the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of the midwifery workforce and in particular midwives. The report finds that midwives, when educated and regulated to international stndards, can provide 87% of the essential interventions for sexual, reproductive, maternal and new-born health and are 'best buy' in primary health care.

Associated reports that you can download and save:

1. Malawi the state of the world's midwifery 2011 IN DEPTH REPORT

2. Malawi the state of the world's midwifery 2014 summary

Journal of the Month

Using a task analysis to strengthen nursing and midwifery pre-service education in Malawi International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences

International Journal of Nursing and Midwifery
Vol.7 (5), pp. 84-103, May 2015

Sheena Jacob* Jessica Holman, Regina Msolomba, Rose Wasili, Fraser Langdon Ruth Levine Moses Bateganya Ellen MacLachlan International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH); Martha Mondiwa Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi (NMCM)

This free access peer reviewed professional journal contains a wealth of useful and relevant articles that can be accessed by clicking on the link. You can subscribe for free article alerts so that you always have the most up to date research at you fingertips

Useful Links

MamaYe is about making life-savings changes for Malawi's mothers and babies. It is a campaign to change fatalism to hope; helplessness to action; maternal survival from side-issue to political priority; and best guesses into hard facts. The website contains a welath of information his free access peer reviewed professional journal contains a wealth of information about maternal and child health and midwifery and nursing services in Malawi and in the region and it is an incredibly useful resource for student nurses and midwives, practicing nurses and midwives, teachers, and health planners and policy makers

Evidence for Action (E4A) is a programme which aims to improve maternal and new-born survival in six sub-Saharan countries. Running until 2016, we use strategic combination of evidence, advocacy and accountability to save lives in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Tanzania. E4A acts as a catalyst for action, using evidence strategically to generate political commitment, strengthen accountability and improve planning and decision making at sub-national and national leves. E4A also works to strengthen international and regional accountability. It is an excellent sorce of data and statistics on maternal and new-born health in the region.
East Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON) is the professional body for nurses and midwives in the East, Central and Southern Africa region.
Partners in Health A free access collection of articles, research, health campaigns and on line discussion groups, tacking global health inequality.


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