The main functions of the Finance and Administration are;

  1. Overseeing all financial issues of the Council
  2. Facilitating the budget development, monitoring and reports on financial issues
  3. Providing financial management support to the departments
  4. Coordinating daily operations of the accounts and administrative issues including personnel
  5. Coordinates and conducts staff recruitment, training and appraisals for secretariat
  6. Facilitating procurement process of the Council
  7. Manages the fixed assets and IT equipment


            Government Subventions:

Such sums as may be appropriate by Parliament for the purposes of the Council

            Fees Payable:

  1. Upon registration or renewal of registration in a register
  2. On transfer from one register to another
  3. For restoration to a register
  4. For registration of an additional or specialist qualification
  5. In respect of private practice
  6. In respect of licenses
  7. Annual Registration
  8. Verification
  9. Indexing
  10. Professional examination fees
  11. Sale of Policy documents
  12. Accreditation of training colleges

         Rentals from Office Accommodation:

The Council receives such moneys from tenants who occupy part of the Councils building on a monthly basis.

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